This is my infinitarium. I put things in it to preserve, observe, and serve. While the homepage will serve my computer repair, troubleshooting and website design clients, there will be some other projects placed up here as well, such as collaborative creative services, drawings, essays, and pretty much anything else that happens to pop into my head or desires to be born.

Me? I am a website designer/programmer by day and I go to people’s homes and offices to fix their computer and internet problems on the side. I’ve been doing computer troubleshooting for about ten years, and doing the design work for about fifteen years. Maybe even twenty.

My computer history? The first computer I ever owned was a Commodore VIC-20 when I was 12 years old. I helped pay for it myself by going door-to-door selling hoagies (sub sandwiches for all you outside Pennsylvania), making them, and delivering them myself. My next computer was a Commodore 64 which introduced me to the tedious science of programming in machine language (6502 assembler language actually). I got as far as creating a cartoon laser cannon that you could move back and forth across the screen with the joystick… but… come on … at that time I was only about 15 years old! Things like collision detection and physics simulation were still a bit far above my head. Where they stayed.

From there, I leaned more toward using computers for graphic design, video and audio editing.  I owned two iterations of the Commodore Amiga, an IBM-PC for writing projects, and a series of macs and a couple more PC’s to experiment and play games on.

Currently, I use a MacBook Pro to do just about everything. My mac has yet to be infected by a virus, so it is the perfect tool to take with me to repair other peoples’ Microsoft Windows virus problems. I can back up their files using my machine, without the risk of getting a virus or spyware infection myself, clean their computer, and put everything back together safely and efficiently.